Scientific Accuracy Meets Makeup Artistry

Kokko provides beauty brands and cosmetics retailers with science-based technology solutions that quickly deliver personalized, color-accurate recommendations — increasing shopper confidence, conversion, and loyalty.



Solutions for Beauty Brands

You've created buzz-worthy complexion products but your customers need to know their perfect shade. Kokko has scalable solutions priced just right for you.


Solutions for Beauty Retailers

Whether you sell online, in-store or both, Kokko's solutions enable shoppers to discover their perfect shade quickly, conveniently, and with confidence.


Delivering Color Accuracy for Beauty Retail


Kokko's solutions were developed by a team of world-class scientists, color imaging experts and professional makeup artists. 


Kokko understands that in current beauty retail environments — whether online or in the store — support for color selection is either laborious and expensive or completely non-existent. 

Only Kokko delivers turn-key, scalable technology solutions that serve the needs of any business selling color cosmetics — from the smallest indie beauty brand to the biggest national retailer.

I would love to have [Kokko Shade2Shade] because it would solve a problem that we really have ... it’s really a no-brainer.”
— Online Natural Beauty Retailer
[Kokko’s app] is amazing technology. This would make us competitive with Sephora and Ulta and really heighten the shopper’s in-store experience.”
— KIRIN, Sales Associate for National Retailer

Beauty Experts and Industry Professionals Rave About Kokko.

True color matching technology that tackles the eternal problem of shopping cosmetics online — finding the right colors for your personal skin tone. This is game changing.
— RAYNA FAGEN, eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Clinique & MAC
Before Kokko’s technology, buying complexion products online was a big challenge. Now, by bringing science and technology together, Kokko has made it much simpler and enjoyable for the consumer.”
[Kokko] is flawless. I’ve tried all of the foundations they recommended and they were all like my skin, but better.”
— AUTUMN WHITEFIELD-MADRANO, author of "Face Value: The Hidden Ways Beauty Shapes Women's Lives"
[Kokko is] going to change the way we choose foundation and buy it, especially online ... the colors recommended were the exact shades I use.”
— SARA BARTLETT, TV personality and beauty blogger