Foundation Shade Matching Made Easy


Beauty brands lack accurate, scalable solutions for helping customers select their right shade of foundation — limiting discovery and conversion.


Based on our proprietary color-matching technology, Kokko's Shade2Shade™ web service helps online shoppers find their perfect foundation shade in a new brand — in mere seconds.


Shade2Shade™ comprises a pop-up window integrated into a brand's own website that allows shoppers to choose from a selection of familiar, established and easily accessible foundation products as "source lines."

The shopper chooses her known shade from one of these source lines and instantly receives her corresponding shade in a new brand or product —never leaving the brand's website and giving her the confidence to make a purchase.


Accuracy increases conversion

Color selection enables customer to make a purchase.


EASY integration WIth YOUR website

Pop-up window means minimal changes to your page layout.


confidence in color selection

New customers have advantage of a familiar reference point.

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