Let's Agree — Online Shade Swatches Won't Get You The Sale.


And neither will conventional — nor exotic — shade names.

Kokko's science-based solutions empower beauty brands to solve their shade-matching challenges and focus instead on creating innovative new products — not to mention more colors! — for their customers. Kokko offers a range of customizable, cost-effective options that scale as you grow your business.

Shoppers in turn gain the ability to receive truly personalized foundation shade recommendations, as well as the confidence to purchase when color selection is critical.


Shade2Shade™ Web Service

Integration of Kokko’s Shade2Shade™ web service allows online shoppers to find their correct shade at a brand's website, based on their known shades in other major brands.


Inclusion in the Kokko Beauty App

Brands can opt to be included in the Kokko Beauty complexion-matching app, allowing customers to find their perfect shade match with little up-front cost.


White Label Complexion-Matching App

Beauty brands may also elect to have a custom-branded app that exclusively features their foundation products.