Frustrated by makeup shopping?

A beauty pro is here to help.


 “Give me a simple makeup routine that takes no more than 3 minutes!”

 “Help me find a new lip color for my complexion.”

 “I just want a few tips for looking my best in a videoconference.”

 “It’s too hard to find the right shade of foundation for my skin!”

 “What’s a BB cream anyway?”

 “Sephora is so overwhelming, I never know what to buy.”


I hear you!

I founded Kokko Beauty to help women — myself among them — solve their makeup frustrations by receiving personalized product recommendations, easily and conveniently. I invite you to spend 15 minutes in a phone conversation with Kokko’s veteran makeup professional Meli Pennington (over 20 years’ experience; featured on The Dr. Oz Show). Based on your conversation, she will send you a list of products that best meet your goals—and your budget!

Kokko Beauty has a knowledge base spanning dozens of brands and products, from large national brands to emerging natural and organic products. This service is free; you will receive a list of products selected for you. You’ll have the option to purchase some, none, or all of the products through our website; shipping is free and all purchases are protected under our 30-day unconditional return/refund policy.

How can we do this? Kokko Beauty is testing this service to see how well it meets the concerns of women like you. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to learn about your beauty needs.

If you’d like to arrange for your personal consultation, just click on the link below to schedule your phone appointment:

Wishing you success and beauty,

Nina Bhatti
Founder and CEO, Kokko, Inc.