Our Founder's Story

Makeup shopping has always been difficult for me because my skin tone is so hard to match. I’d roam from counter to counter searching for the right shades. Even makeup professionals have a hard time getting my colors right. I even tried shopping in different countries!

I soon found that I wasn’t alone. My Caucasian girlfriends as well as my Asian girlfriends admitted that they all struggled, too! I wasn’t crazy— so many women have this issue and don’t know where to turn.

As a computer scientist and researcher, I knew that this was a problem I could solve. Having recently focused my professional career on mobile consumer apps, I knew how much imaging technology had advanced. I knew I could build a team that would get it right. I began working with color scientists on a solution—Kokko Beauty.

With Kokko Beauty, I want to create the ultimate beauty counter experience—having the perfect consultant with in-depth knowledge of many, many lines of makeup who could really see my skin tone and then know what the right product should be. 

I truly believe that all women have a LEGITIMATE RIGHT to their beauty. I’m proud that Kokko Beauty can help you find those products that will make you look and feel terrific, no matter WHO YOU ARE. 


— DR. NINA BHATTI, CEO & Founder of Kokko, Inc.